Monday, January 30, 2012


Update on Hubby: cath scan found nothing he has been given a special diet and exercise routine along with some meds and is now doing much better.

I personally have decided to take the month of February off to do some studying and research, however I will still be posting as much as I can.
Thank you all for following loyally even when I disappeared.


  1. I'm here for the Critique My Blog Blogfest. Thanks for participating!

    1. The italic text is difficult to read.

    2. Since your posts are so short, I wonder if you wouldn't be good at doing Twitter too.

    3. The gray-and-peach background doesn't work for me. It's kind of plain and I don't think the colors match well.

    4. What's BIAM?

    5. I like it when blogs have headers instead of just titles to set the title apart from the rest of the blog.

    I know your blog is new, so good for you for jumping into such an ambitious adventure! I look forward to seeing you grow!

  2. I’m not sure what your blog is about. I would like to see a bio at the top. I agree with Teralyn that the italic text is hard to read and the grey background isn’t appealing. I do like short posts!

  3. Visiting from Critique my Blog blogfest.

    Looks like you are just starting a blog. Good. You have a blank slate.
    Try adjusting your font. Arial and New Times is better. Make your blog a reflection of yourself. Try photos, a different background that you love. Personalize it.
    I don't care for the word verification but that is just me